A Moving Portrait - Gunslinger

Let me present a Moving Portrait.

A little different from a cinemagraph. Where a cinemagraph is a video that's masked to show small movement; a moving portrait is originally a still image that is then broken up and the camera is moved much like Disney's Multi-plane camera.

Here there are 3 objects, the back wall, the counter and the subject himself. What makes a great moving portrait? A great shot, a smooth camera movement in 3D space and great environmental audio that takes you there.

Pop in those headphones and turn on the audio. Enjoy!

Doodle Gunslingers

1_Gun Slingers Header.jpg

Doodled Gunslingers is a series of illustrated photos shot by commercial photographer Derek Heisler with linework by Mr. Woody Woods. These guys are real american stuntmen from the northwest. Mr. Woody Woods has used illustrations that compliment the originals by using elements that represent their career and history. Adding more character to their very characterful faces.

2_Knives 2048.jpg

Route 66


It's about the car, the girl and the road.

It's about the car, the girl and the road. All distractions we need. The open road gives us the freedom to stretch our wings and refresh. The car gives us the power we need to travel through miles and miles of thoughts. And the girl, the girl. Music reminds you of her, glimpses of her smile in your peripheral. She's the angel and the devil on your shoulder on an adventure we all need to take. Take a deep breath, this is what life is about. 

_Q9A7632 2048.jpg

Jerome, Arizona

Jerome, Arizona the largest ghost town in the United States of America. I've been to my share of ghost towns and Jerome is by far the most interesting/spooky. Founded in the late nineteenth century for it's rich copper mines. At Jerome's peak it had a population of 10,000. Much has changed since those prosperous mining days. 

Clearly we are scared.

Clearly we are scared.