Derek Heisler - Directing models vs. posing them during photo shoots

Creative Director and Conceptual photographer Derek Heisler explains the benefits of directing your models rather than just posing them during your shoot. Here's a small bit from his talk in Toronto May 11th, 2017. We want to thank Canon Canada and Vistek for sponsoring the event.

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Toronto Scotiabank Photography Contact Festival - Workshop

Contact Festival Event listing, care of

Contact Festival Event listing, care of

I am excited to announce I’m coming to talk at the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival in Toronto in 2 weeks; May 11. We’ve partnered with Vistek and Canon Canada to bring you an evening of photography, lighting, directing talent and business talk. Come on by and check it out, it’s free to attend. Thank you to our sponsors! See you soon Toronto!

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Workshop Information:

Title: Vistek: Learn to Shoot like Derek Heisler

If you’ve dreamed of becoming a fashion photographer, this is an event you don’t want to miss. This is your chance to learn from one of the best commercial fashion/lifestyle photographers in the business, Derek Heisler, on how to light, shoot, and work with a fashion model. Sponsored by Canon.

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Toronto Scotiabank Photography Contact Festival - Gallery Showing

Contact Festival gallery listing, care of

Contact Festival gallery listing, care of

I am excited to annouce a gallery of some of my select work in "The Colour of Personality" will up at the Toronto Vistek location for the month of May. I will be at the store on May 11th from 12PM-2PM, come by and say hi!

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Gallery Info:

Name: The Colour of Personality

Where: Vistek Toronto

Persons of intrigue are often described as colourful and full of personality. It all starts with the eyes and ows to the brow, cheeks, and lips. Colour and light can say so much about a subject, and this exhibition shows how it can be used to emphasize personality or emotion.