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Toronto Scotiabank Photography Contact Festival - Gallery Showing

Contact Festival gallery listing, care of

Contact Festival gallery listing, care of

I am excited to annouce a gallery of some of my select work in "The Colour of Personality" will up at the Toronto Vistek location for the month of May. I will be at the store on May 11th from 12PM-2PM, come by and say hi!

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Gallery Info:

Name: The Colour of Personality

Where: Vistek Toronto

Persons of intrigue are often described as colourful and full of personality. It all starts with the eyes and ows to the brow, cheeks, and lips. Colour and light can say so much about a subject, and this exhibition shows how it can be used to emphasize personality or emotion.

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Through the Lens - Bill Nye

In this Through the Lens I had the opportunity to photograph Bill Nye The Science Guy for the SETI Institute. For most, Bill doesn’t need an introduction. He filled our Saturdays will learning, laughter, and fun. I can definitely say that Bill played a part in my curiosity towards the Sciences.

While chatting on our way to my portrait area, we talked about how technology is affecting the brain. He was exactly how I remember him on TV so many years ago. During the shoot I mentioned that I was also an Engineer and that I had worked with control systems. He immediately perked up and said “I’ve got something for you! Remind me after we’re done”. I was curious like a child again! When we wrapped up the session, he grabbed his laptop and placed it on the table nearby. Without grabbing a chair he kneeled down to get to eye level with his laptop. He then began to explain how he had just been at a conference and someone (I apologize for forgetting his name) had revisited how control loops should be done. It was just a simple change that made increased efficiency of the system. I stepped back and had a fan boyish moment where I realized I was getting a personal Saturday Bill Nye The Science Guy lesson!

Bill is a genuine Educator. He does what he does, because of his passion for Science and sharing knowledge. We can all learn a little from that.