Fallout 4 Wallpapers


With the release of Fallout 4, I wanted to share some of my own adventures into the US Pre-wasteland. These areas exist today, but very much feel like they are a part of the Fallout universe. So to celebrate the release here are some wallpapers to use on your personal computers. They come in two flavours; 1920x1080 and 1920x1200. Please download them from the link below.

Enjoy and watch out for those super mutants!


Download the wallpapers here

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Summer's Field - Free Wallpaper

Hey everyone! Last night had some beautiful views out in the country north of Calgary. One image reminded me of a yellow Windows XP wallpaper so much that I figured I'd make it available for everyone to use as their wallpaper on the desktop or mobile phone. Grab the zip from the link below and enjoy!

Download the wallpapers here.

Jerome, Arizona

Jerome, Arizona the largest ghost town in the United States of America. I've been to my share of ghost towns and Jerome is by far the most interesting/spooky. Founded in the late nineteenth century for it's rich copper mines. At Jerome's peak it had a population of 10,000. Much has changed since those prosperous mining days. 

Clearly we are scared.

Clearly we are scared.

The New derekheisler.com

Full screen images. Or full gallery view. You browse the site as you like.

Full screen images. Or full gallery view. You browse the site as you like.

That's right, we are excited to finally launch the new home of DEREKHEISLER.COM. The site features many new features and an integrated blog (no more jumping over to Tumblr).

The site has been optimized to work on all retina displays. Feel free to take it for a spin and let us know what you think.

Click upward or on the "thumbs" button to see all the imagery in a gallery at once.

Click upward or on the "thumbs" button to see all the imagery in a gallery at once.

New integrated blog. Stay and enjoy DEREKHEISLER.COM

New integrated blog. Stay and enjoy DEREKHEISLER.COM

Complete contact form and About Derek section written by Jaimee Turner

Complete contact form and About Derek section written by Jaimee Turner

Editorial - SOL


Light and dark. Polar opposites that require many shades of bending and blending to reach either end of the spectrum. The day night cycle of Sol (our sun) follows this practice. Like the rising and setting of a sun, our lives and personalities find themselves in the same such dance. Between light and dark, the Soul finds itself. We transform as we grow, and every new experience either drives us closer to light or dark. Some need to experience true darkness before they realize the importance of the light. Others shine brightly to lead the way for others. What side do you find yourself on?

Photography - Derek Heisler http://www.derekheisler.com
Model - Patience Silva
Creative Direction - Derek Heisler
Assistant CD - Bekka Gunther
Wardrobe Design - Derek Heisler and Bekka Gunther
Makeup - Marissa Vossen
Location - Santa Clarita, Califorina 

Also published for 1968 Magazine and Stellar

Inspire Create - Interview with Lionel Deluy


In this pilot interview for Inspire Create, I get to sit down with famous celebrity french photographer Lionel Deluy. Check out my portraits of him as you listen to his story.


Check out Lionel’s work at www.krop.com/lioneldeluy/

What is Inspire Create?

Inspire Create is a passion project of mine. It is best described in this foreword I put together:

"Inspiration is the catalyst to purpose"

It is a powerful statement in so many ways. When someone or some creation inspires us, often purpose comes out of the woodwork. We are more driven and for a short moment in time there is pure clarity. Society holds no bonds on our minds and especially our hearts, for that moment we exist with purpose. Humans, or more importantly, one individual is so small in the grand scheme of things that we often feel like our contributions and impacts are minuscule.

However through inspiration we can instill purpose in those that have lost their way, or simply stepped off the path for even a day. Purpose is hard to explain, but if we think of purpose as a clean well-drawn path, we would find a skip in our step when walk down the path, our hearts and minds would be as one.

When we just step off the path we find gravel and smaller stones, nothing that would slow us down too much, it may be rockier, but we continue on. The farther we stray from the path the more difficult it is to carry on moving forward, we stumble, fall and sometimes forfeit our ability to keep moving forward. We become stuck, depressed and lost. We float, shuffle or crawl and cease to live, we merely,


This is the reason why this mantra must be held close to my heart and must drive my actions.

This brought me to asking myself, what inspires me. What are those moments in my life that I feel right as rain, that skip in my step.

The first is when I help others with my craft. They see that image of themselves that they never see in the mirror everyday, the true them. They cry, they hug, I can see it heal them from the inside out. That impact gives me purpose one individual at a time.

The second is when I watch others with purpose carrying out their dreams against all odds. So that brings me to the understanding that my mantra is reciprocating.Inspiration is the catalyst to Purpose, but one with purpose broadcasts inspiration to others. It’s a renewable process if you will. It shows how social of a species we are, how we are interconnected to each other for a common goal. To have purpose. To have impact. It all starts with the actions of one. A ripple is created.

This ripple may be caused by the work that is created by this individual or their actions. For me the ripples of inspiration that capture me most fall into three areas; still, motion and music. Still for me is photography, my chosen form to express myself. Motion through filmmaking, the works created by; directors, cinematographers and actors. Last but not least, music, the works of composers and musicians. When motion and music are paired seamlessly I find the path appear in front of me almost effortlessly.

Through these bursts of inspiration I have witnessed my own style of photography change, not to mention my understanding of the world and what I want to get out of my time here.

So one day I sat down and grabbed a pen and paper and started to write out the names of the individuals that have inspired my work, or have helped shape it whether or not they are aware of the impact of their ripple. To better understand the origins of my inspiration and to broadcast it myself I set out to interview and photograph these beacons of light, to follow the ripple back in time. Here are those stories. Let’s inspire and create.

TEDxYYC Campaign

I wanted to share a very cool campaign I recently worked on with WAX and DDG. The idea for this year’s TEDxYYC was Where Ideas Mix.

To achieve that we set out to make dripping mannequin heads which would appear to be dripping into each other… ideas mixing.. you’re getting it now.

It was amazingly fun to work on, and was very happy with the resulting stills. Follow below to see the campaign and the amazing video from the guys over at DDG. A few behind the scene shots follow as well.

Wax recently featured the campaign on their blog here

Make sure to check out the credits at the end.




Client: TEDxYYC

Ad Agency: WAX

Creative Director: Trent Burton

Art Director: Brad Connell

Copywriter: Chris Lihou

Production Company: Deluxe Design Group

Director/Camera: Nick Thomas, Chris Krieger

Camera operator: Brock Mitchell

Editor: Brock Mitchell

Post production: Creative Fields

Supers: Greg Marshall

Audio House: Redemption Audio

Music: Mitch Lee

Photographer: Derek Heisler



Chantel Rae Set + SI.com


My recent spread with Chantel Rae was published on SportsIllustrated.com today. derekheisler.com was then hit hard with over 250,000 hits shortly after. Very thankful for the success and response from the set. As always Chantel was a pleasure to work with. 

Make sure to check out the 8 image spread on my site here

Nik Radio Interview w/ Scott Shepard

Recently I had the pleasure/honor to sit down with Scott Shepard of Nik Radio to talk about my photography career to date. We talked tech, my engineering background, the mistress known as photography and how I lost my heart to her. 

Stream it here

Or for you Apple boys and girls;

iTunes Podcast 

I also had a chance to sit down for a separate written interview for Nik’s Pro talk. Check it out here.